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We Want Your Input for the Food Access Section of the 2021 Alternative Municipal Budget!

Food Matters Manitoba is partnering with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives to develop the Food Access section of the Alternative Municipal Budget (AMB).

We want your help.

As we all know, a lot has changed since the last Alternative Municipal Budget was released in 2018, and food security is more top-of-mind than ever because of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to hear from you about food access in Winnipeg.  

In this time, it is important to celebrate successes. Since 2018, the City of Winnipeg has committed to funding a full-time coordinator for the Winnipeg Food Council, something that we collectively asked for in the last Alternative Municipal Budget. But we all know challenges remain. Nearly one in six households in Winnipeg (15.7%) say that they do not have enough money to feed themselves and their families, according to PROOF Food Insecurity Policy Research

Here’s where you come in. 

Food Matters Manitoba is crafting the Food Access section for the AMB report but is eager to include your input, ideas and vision. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be asking you what the City of Winnipeg is doing well, what the City should stop doing, and innovative solutions the City could implement.

Share your vision for the alternative municipal budget on our hub conversation board.

Please consider these 3 sub-topics: 

  1. Income: People in Winnipeg have enough money to afford food 
  2. Environments: Winnipeg neighbourhoods have many and diverse places to get food 
  3. Transportation: People in Winnipeg can get around the city to get the food they want 

Providing feedback to the City of Winnipeg for their budget must consider WHAT the City actually has the power to influence. At this level, our conversations about food are often NOT about food , but rather how the City can support our access to the food we need – hence the title Food Access.

And just a reminder, the areas under the municipality’s purview include Winnipeg’s by-laws, revenue from property taxes, other creative methods of raising revenue within the City, and how the City spends this revenue.

Join us for a live discussion about Food Access in Winnipeg

Food Matters Manitoba is hosting 2 round-table discussions on zoom in August. CLICK below to register and join a live conversation and share your voice.

OR check out our events calendar in the side bar to the right of your screen or at the bottom of our homepage.

If you are eager to host your own discussion on the Food Action Hub about this (or any other topic), please let us know via email or direct message and we can set that up for you.

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