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Thank You to our Student Volunteers!

A huge thank you to all of our student volunteers over the last year!

Since last Fall, we have had the great pleasure of hosting seven university students for a school placement or a school project. These students all helped out with creating some content for the Food Action Hub, from crafting a few posts to creating a whole new online course! Thanks again for all your help!

Rachael Markusoff spearheaded the development and content creation of our newest online course, Food Perspectives and Preferences! Rachael joined us for her month-long practicum as part of the Social Innovation Community Development Program from Red River College. Throughout the practicum, she was tireless in her efforts to seek out a wide variety of experiences from local residents and she created a fantastic learning experience for everyone. Thanks again for all your hard work Rachael!

Olivia Kehler joined us for a part-time practicum last Fall as part of her International Development Program at the University of Winnipeg. Olivia was a big help around our office on the Development side of the organization and she helped run one of our Speaker Series events! Near the end of her term, she even volunteered to create maps for the various program areas of Food Matters Manitoba, which you can see here (Food Action Hub) and here (Northern Program). Thanks again Olivia!

Danielle Larocque and Joyce Leung are two students from the School of Pharmacy at the University of Manitoba. For the Service Learning component of their program, they researched and created a briefing note on the impacts of a National Pharmacare program on household food insecurity. This brief, released in the early Spring, could not have been more timely! Thanks again for creating this new resource Danielle and Joyce!

Finally, Jo-Ann Johnson, Robin Swampy, and Andreas Thompson joined us from Red River College’s Social Innovation Capstone course to work on a small project for the Food Action Hub! This group created our two most recent profile stories for the Hub Blog, which you can view here (Emily Halldorson) and here (Priscilla Settee). Creating just one story can take a lot of work and effort, so thanks again Jo-Ann, Robin, and Andreas!

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