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Reducing Food Waste

Manitoba Climate Action Team

Manitoba’s Climate Action Team (CAT) is a coalition of Manitoban environmental organizations working to create a road to resilience in our province. Visit their website for detailed resources that discuss meaningful strategies to better deal with issues related to climate change.

This downloadable PDF is the Climate Action Team’s Climate Change & Food Policy Discussion Paper. It is an easy read and a great resource to help everyone better understand how we waste food and how to do it less. 

The Green Action Centre

The Green Action Centre is a rich reference if you are looking to make your home or community more environmentally-friendly. Their website includes blogs filled with important information and free online events. You can also learn how to make food choices that promote food waste reduction and sustainable food systems. 

This downloadable PDF is a free resource from the Green Action Centre’s website. It is a thorough guide for Manitoba First Nations and Northern Communities who wish to start a recycling program.

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