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Race and Food Insecurity

Data from Statistics Canada reveals that across the country, people who identify as Indigenous or Black are at greater risk of experiencing food insecurity.

The educative tools below help us better understand the link between race and food insecurity. Identifying systemic inequalities that affect food security is crucial when looking for ways to improve food security. 


The Toronto based organization FoodShare runs programs and creates resources that focus on food justice, using an equity lens to seek justice, and food security, for everyone. At FoodShare, food justice means working to dismantle systemic forms of oppression that exist in our food system and in our food movement.  

FoodShare partnered with PROOF Food Insecurity Policy Research to take a look at race and food insecurity, and created a factsheet which is a great educative resource for staff and community members. Click here to download the free PDF.

The free webinar below was held by FoodShare on June 30, 2020, and discusses what Black food sovereignty means, why it is important, and how we can collectively work to advance it.

Visit FoodShare’s website and YouTube channel for many more resources.

Anti-Racism resources from the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg

The website of the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg includes an extensive collection of educative Anti-Racism resources which are informative tools to inform meaningful discussions about systemic racism and inequalities.

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