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Profile Story: Julie Garcia Introduces MAHE’s New Website

Julie Garcia introduces us to MAHE’s (Manitoba Association of Home Economists) newest project, the Home and Family website and their downloadable information guide!

You mentioned that this was your first big project in the food security sector. What got you involved with this sector in the first place?

In terms of being practical and relevant and easy to read, what kind of consideration goes into how long the website guide is, and what you have to add to provide extensive information without being intimidating to readers? How do you balance that out?

I hope I’m not putting you on the spot for our users here, but since you mentioned blanching, could give us a little inside information on what blanching is and why it’s beneficial?

I’ll for sure go take a look at that! And in talking about that, I know that as I was reading the guide, there were a few cool fun facts that I learned myself! The one that caught my eye was substituting apple sauce for sugar in recipes, for example. What was your favourite fun fact or information piece from the guide?

In talking about having these guides distributed amongst food hampers for example and putting together and developing the guide as a whole, what are some considerations you need to think about to make it as accessible as possible?

In talking to all these partners in the sector, what’s one thing about the sector that surprised you?

Is there any last take home message you’d want to share with our users on the project?

Thank you Julie for sharing with us!

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    • You’re welcome, and thank you in return for taking the time to share this awesome resource with us! I know it’s already been useful for me personally!

  • There is so much here that is incredibly valuable – how I wish I had this “how to use chokecherries” guide last year when I was surrounded by them! And so great to see resources on things like canning and jarring! I think there has been some resurgence/renewed interest in these skills among younger folks, even prior to the pandemic, as ‘homesteading’ became a sort of ‘trending topic’. Although I have found some of this information online in the past, it wasn’t particularly clear how reliable it was, and often, different sites would cite totally different prep times or suggestions – I spent more than a week agonizing over companion planting and you have such a fantastic guide here. Thank you!

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