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Profile Story: Jill Beauchamp

Harvesting connections through food: Meet Jill Beauchamp

Jill generously discusses the path that took them towards working for a food secure community as well as their role and approach to increasing food security.


Name: Jill Beauchamp


Lives: Winnipeg


Occupation: Community outreach work at the West Central Women Resource Centre, as the community garden facilitator & as drop in support



Such a big thing for me is the value that food brings beyond just nourishing our bodies. Food is something that people HAVE to connect over because we all need it and it’s something that people not only need, but also enjoy.

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Jill is looking forward to connect with other Hub members!

Interested in learning from others around the topic of: Gardening

Knows lots about: Facilitating community connections, growing and cooking food, fat liberation


Thank you Jill for sharing your story! 


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  • Jill and Myreille!
    This was such a joy to listen to, and hear about the important, tangible work Jill is doing in their community, as well as all the ways they engage with and learn from others. I love the idea of seeing this space as a practical gardening resource (selfishly, as my cilantro goes to seed, haha!), but also a place for talking about our relationships to food, and fat.
    Thanks again for sharing!

    • I’m glad that you enjoyed the talk Arista! So glad I could get to know Jill better, stay tuned for our next profile story in the next week!

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