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Profile Story: Dr. Joyce Slater Introduces us to her Latest Research on Food Security

Over the course of the pandemic, Dr. Slater and her team have been researching the impacts of COVID-19 on the charitable food sector. We had a chance to ask her some questions and learn more.

We also have the full research infographic available on the hub. You can access it through our Reporting on Community Projects resource tab or click the infographic on the left to expand!

The clips below are just a sneak peek for what’s to come! Please join us for our next speaker series on Wednesday, September 29th, where Dr. Slater will present this research in more detail.

On what prompted the research in the first place:

On discussing some of the factors studied during the research:

On the impact category of Emotional Vulnerability and Perception of Safety:

On how the pandemic exacerbated already existing problems:

And finally, on the accessibility of the research:

Thank you for sharing your research with us Dr. Slater!

And don’t forget everyone, stay tuned for our next speaker series on September 29th for more!

We love hearing more about your experiences and what you’re learning! If you’re interested in sharing your own story with our community or want to tell us which hub user you’d like to hear from next, contact us.

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  • So appreciate these brief and incredibly informative and approachable clips, Dr. Slater and Yoni! The specific attention paid to the emotional vulnerability impacts of the pandemic was such a unique and important call-out, as was drawing necessary awareness to charitable food sector staff and unpaid staff as essential workers, whose efforts have gone almost totally unrecognized by the public. Looking forward to the speaker series.

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