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Profile Story: Dr. Evelyn Forget

We had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the concept of a basic income with Dr. Evelyn Forget, a Professor of Economics and Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba.

Evelyn’s research examines the health and social implications of poverty and inequality, and she is often called upon to advise on poverty, inequality, health and social outcomes. 

Evelyn was also one of the three panelists at the last Speaker Series, Why Income Matters. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can view a recording below:

In addition to this recorded panel discussion, we also discussed Evelyn’s research on implementing a basic income in Canada in more detail. You can view her other thoughts on this below…

On Evelyn’s first foray into economics and poverty-reduction initiatives in the 1970’s:

More on the Mincome Project and analyzing the data:

More on basic income experiments:

Discussing how much a basic income would cost and its ramifications:

CERB during COVID-19 and how this could inform support for a basic income:

Shifts in economic thinking and precedents to a basic income:

Closing off and where to find more information!

If you have thoughts, ideas, or other resources you want to share, please post in the comments below!

Want to learn more? Missed the Speaker Series? Don’t worry! You can still view a recording of the event here!

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