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More March Updates!

More March Updates

Our Previous update already contained some updates for March, but here’s some more if you didn’t catch those!

1) MAHE is offering a meet and mingle event on March 3rd, following a seminar as part of their Cafe Scientifique series. You can register through their website HERE!

2) The Province has put out a call for proposals to support the development of newcomer community support projects. Application information can be found HERE, and are due on March 7th.

3) Last month, CCEDNet offered an introductory 2.5 hour session to their Community Leadership Program called Leading Through Change. Due to high demand, they have added a third date this month, on March 8th! Please find the registration HERE.

4) The Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS) recently hosted a two-part seminar on household food insecurity. If you missed it, you can still watch the recordings HERE. However, they are only available for free until March 10th for the first part and March 17th for the second part, so watch them now while you still can for free!

5) Travel and registration awards are available for the CNS’s annual conference. Eligibility includes identifying with an equity-deserving group and being a full-time student. Deadline to apply for these awards is March 14th and applications can be found HERE!


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