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  • Yoni Coodin posted an update in the group Youth and Schools 1 year, 6 months ago

    What do you all think: With the potential of returning to schools
    in-person in September do you think that there may be a ‘learning gap’ from the past school year on healthy eating and
    nutrition? Or might some of those ‘gaps’ have already been filled for some
    students through practical learning at home through exposure to more cooking
    during remote learning periods? 

    • Betraying my age here, but I am really excited by a lot of the enthusiasm I see for ‘home-steading’ all over social media. This was evident even in the yeast shortages throughout the beginnings of lockdown. While not accessible or manageable for all, I wonder (am hopeful!) that the more folks engage in food preparation, the more we might collectively come an understanding of the enormous labour that goes into the food we eat. And then ~maybe~, there might be space for necessary and overdue conversations about the ways in which we treat, pay, and respect and honour the labour of individuals engaged in food production… (perhaps a little too hopeful?)