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Introducing our new Social Innovation Coordinator

I’d like to welcome our new Social Innovation Coordinator, Yoni Coodin!

The Social Innovation Coordinator is the main administrator of the online hub and your main point of contact if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Food Action Hub. Myreille Fortin will be going on parental leave starting August 1st until mid-March, and we’d like to wish her all the best during her time away! The best way to reach Yoni will still be at the same email address as before:

More about Yoni…

Coming from his recent participation in the Manitoba Legislative Internship Program last year, Yoni also gained insight into how policies are legislated and how government systems can function. Yoni hopes to use his experience to aid in expanding access to food security information and resources to support our community partners and organizations. In his free time, Yoni also loves to cook and bake, tend to his small herb garden, and play the violin.

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