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Introducing a New Resource! National Pharmacare and Household Food Insecurity Briefing Note

Danielle and Joyce, two students in their second year of the U of M Pharmacy Program, have been working with FMM these last few months to produce a brief summary on how a National Pharmacare program would potentially impact Household Food Insecurity (HFI) in Manitoba. That summary is now available for anyone to see! Click the resource link above to see the brief in full.

We also got a chance at the end of the project to have Danielle and Joyce present their research to the FMM staff and board, followed by a short conversation where we talked about their experience researching and writing the brief. You can find snippets from those here to give additional context to the research and their experience!

Below are some clips from their presentation, including the purpose of the project, background, potential impacts of a new National Pharmacare program, and takeaways.

Some additional thoughts from Danielle and Joyce about their project experience:

As part of the Pharmacy Program, every student needs to complete a service learning project. How did you two get interested in exploring the connection between pharmacare and HFI?

What was something new and surprising you learned through this project?

Any last thoughts you want to share?

Thanks again Danielle and Joyce for your excellent work on this project!

Part of the brief outlines some connections between the existing pharmacy framework and food considerations. Do you have any experiences with this connection you’d like to share?

Let us know in the comments below!

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