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Handy Handouts: From FMM’s Food Literacy programs

These downloadable PDFs are taken from the curriculum of our Eat Well program.

These handouts are filled with pictures which is especially useful when teaching nutrition workshops to community members with English as a second language.

Basic Food Safety Handout

Healthy Eating Handout

Recommended Daily Sugar Intake Handout

Reading the Nutrition Facts Table Handout

Want more information about the Eat Well Program? Click here

These downloadable PDFs are taken from the curriculum of our Community Tables program.

These handouts were especially created to teach staff and volunteers who buy and prepare food for community members, so they go more in depth than the handouts from Eat Well.

Back to Basics: Choosing processed foods less often

What’s in your drink: Sugar Handout

Reading food labels: Nutrition fact table and ingredient list

Reading food labels: Better understanding nutrition claims

Want more information about the Community Tables Program? Click here

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