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Food and Nutrition Literacy: FANLit

Food and Nutrition Literacy was created by Dr Joyce Slater. It is a knowledge portal containing evidence-based resources that supports food and nutrition education for children and youth in Manitoba.


Learning is best done through hands-on experience and engagement! Here are links to Teaching Resources for Ages 4-9.


Wanting to instill healthy relationships with food? Check: Food and Nutrition in the Media: Critical Thinking Lesson Plans

Looking for healthy eating guidelines? Check: Food and Nutrition Lesson Plans

Teaching kids about Food Systems? Check: Food and Culture and Food and the Environment Lesson Plans


Note that all lesson plans with the blue circle are approved by Indigenous Food Experts from the FANLit Community of Practice.

Visit to see all of their great (and FREE) resources!



To learn more about Food Literacy and Nutrition and Food Security in Manitoba, visit these links:

Critical Food Literacy Competencies for Young Adults

Manitoba Youth Nutrition Pilot Survey



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