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Youth Leading on Issues that Matter to Them: Climate, Poverty and Affordability


July 20, 2022    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Today’s youth may be less likely to vote but are civically engaged and more informed about issues than previous generations of youth. Young people have higher rates of belonging to a group, organization or association than the rest of Canadians, and nearly half of all youth volunteer.

So, how do young people want to engage as leaders on important issues?

This webinar panel of young national researchers and advocates will discuss what they hear, see and think about with their peers. They will explore how youth want to be involved in matters that affect them and the solutions. They will focus on climate, poverty and affordability issues and how we can and should address these challenges simultaneously.


Speakers: Haleema Ahmed, Manvir Bhangu, Sydney Campbell and Fadumo Diriye

More on the speakers and registration for the webinar HERE. 

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