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Visioning the Future: First Nations, Inuit, & Métis Population and Public Health Series – Governance and Data


May 6, 2022    
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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Presenters Dr. Danièle Behn Smith and Dr. Shannon McDonald will show how Indigenous Peoples’ ownership and control of their past, present, and future are critical elements of their individual and collective health and well-being. Dr. Behn Smith will reflect on the importance of a paradigm shift away from conventional population health data about Indigenous peoples. She will examine how disaggregated data that is self-created and self-governed can inform actions that will achieve health equity. Dr. McDonald will highlight how external control of First Nations by central governments has contributed to a system of health services that is inappropriate, inadequate, and full of systemic biases. She will highlight the cruciality of First Nations health sovereignty to this population’s health and well-being.


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