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How to End a Slow-Rolling Crisis: Lessons from the Northside, Cape Breton


June 22, 2022    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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There are times when a crisis comes with force and requires immediate action and leadership. A slow-rolling crisis is different. In a slow-rolling crisis, the whole population is not immediately at risk. Instead, it is usually a subsector of the community, often individuals with no voice or access to power, who bear its brunt first and longest. There are many slow-rolling crises in Canada: poverty, homelessness, opioid substance usage, and poor mental health are but a few examples. In each case, a small percentage of the population is affected. The issues at play are also complex and require different solutions to achieve lasting results.

Join Ed Michalik and Liz Weaver in a lively conversation about the challenge of ending a slow-rolling crisis. Ed will share lessons learned from the Northside, Cape Breton, a community struggling with harmful substance use, low trust, and crumbling institutions. He will explain how to identify a slow-rolling crisis and how difficult it can be to create a sense of urgency around solving it. 

More on the speakers and registration for the webinar HERE. 

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