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General gardening resources

The website of Winnipeg Public Libraries has lots of free resources and tools about gardening including downloadable PDFs, suggested readings, helpful links and video tutorials. Here are a few of our favorites, but make sure to visit the website for access to all of their resources and tools.

  • This link brings you to a list of video tutorials and other resources about seed saving, drip irrigation, crop rotation, and much more.
  • This link brings you to a list of resources about canning and preserving your harvest.
  • This link brings you to Food Share’s How-to guides for gardening, composting, saving seeds, and more.

Scroll down for more resources about gardening outside of Winnipeg!

Gardening in Winnipeg

  • Visit this link if you want to start a community garden with your organization in Winnipeg.
  • This link brings you to a list of community garden spaces that are rented to residents by the city of Winnipeg.   
  • Unable to compost at home/work and looking for a place to take your compostable materials? There are numerous community compost sites in the city that are coordinated by a variety of organizations. See the list with contact information here.

Gardening in Northern Manitoba

  • This downloadable PDF is a resource from the Government of Manitoba and contains helpful information about Basic Gardening in Northern MB.

Gardening in Brandon

Did you know that Brandon is one of the cities with the most community gardens in Canada?

  • This link will bring you to the city of Brandon’s list of community gardens.

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