Working towards a food secure Manitoba.

Working towards a food secure Manitoba.

Strong, connected, and informed food security practioners.

Welcome to the Food Action Hub

The hub makes it simple to collaborate and to take action towards food security.

Whether you are just starting to learn about food security work or have dedicated your whole life to it, there is a place here for you.

The Food Action Hub is a place for you to learn and teach. 
We want to learn from your perspectives and experiences.
We want to learn about your favorite sources of information when it comes to food security.
In return, we built the hub for you to network and learn from others.

Let's work towards a food secure Manitoba together

📚 Access high quality shared materials through our interactive library of resources

🤝 Connect with the hub community and access agency to agency capacity support

🗨 Engage in an ongoing solutions-focussed dialogue through facilitated discussions around all things related to food security

🎥 Access interviews with content and context experts and be a part of the conversation to help advance the collective wisdom 

📝 Access program training, mentorship, and best practices program advice by attending FMM's food skills and literacy programs at a discounted price

The hub is hosted by Food Matters Manitoba staff

Everyone Eats Well, All the Time is more than our slogan, it's our vision.

As leaders in the community we are responsible for understanding all of the versions of Eating Well, All the Time and for sharing this variation in our messages and calls for action.

As an agency, our role is to be a bridge between community leaders, government representatives, decision and policy makers, academics, and participants in the food security movement. We see this bridge as a shared conversation of the sector, as community voices demanding policy reform and system change. Our role is to ensure that this shared conversation reflects the true experience of the food security community. 

We are motivated by the fact that we get to provide a megaphone and cheering squad to sector leaders and practitioners to connect, elevate and share the varied experiences and challenges faced by the larger food security community. 

We ensure the edge-of-the-wedge innovative work in the field is always being added to the conversation. It is also our job to notice and gather the sector’s unique perspectives and the challenges imposed by systemic barriers to inform our agency’s work towards improved advocacy and big picture policy reform.

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